About Us



TTK Group using well-experienced managers and personnel in commercial activities in petroleum and  petrochemical by-products, chemicals, and minerals are ready to present the related products and services.
Mutually consented brilliant relationships with domestic and foreign companies in the above-mentioned markets including state and private organizations, road and rail transportation, marine shipping, port operations as well as the foreign buyers is the proof of our gained success during our period of activity.

This group after a decade of starting export of minerals and petroleum and petrochemical by-products to China, now with the expansion of the target markets to South East Asia, Africa, Europe and etc., in order to regulate and accelerate its performance for providing timely responses to its customers, uses the following specialized companies in each of their areas of business:

- Tisfoun Tejarat Kaspian (TTK Co) located in Tehran, Iran:

This company as the oldest company of TTK Group has started its activity in minerals export.
By increasing the scope of the group activities and the target markets, now as a principal investor and determiner is responsible for leading the subsets of the group.

- Zarrin Tejarat Kasra located in Tehran, Iran:

This company is responsible for all executive and operational activities including Quality control of delivery of goods, Loading and Land transportation until the arrival of the goods to the international borders and loading ports of origin.

-Our foreign offices :

All the activities related to the Marketing, Contracts, Preparing the documents, Banking affairs and a part of investment of the contracts are on these companies.